The Bar H Bar Ranch collection of exotic African antelope, global exotic game, native species, and migratory birds provides year-round opportunities for the discriminating hunter.

Our 6 square miles of beautiful and diverse Texas Hill Country is a great combination of open and covered areas.

With no internal fences, animals live on our open range much like their native habitat making fair-chase hunting at the -H- a challenging adventure - your safari in the Texas Hill Country.

Rare Trophies

Our herds of Addax, Dama Gazelle, and Scimitar Horned Oryx are endangered in their native habitats. We are proud to have huntable populations of these super exotics on our ranch and support ongoing world wide species regeneration activities.

Safari Hunting

You will pursue the broad collection of game in a traditional Safari style. This provides you and your group a challenging hunt much like a trip to Africa, all in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. You and your guide will traverse the ranch in vehicles to spot your trophy. Once spotted, your stalk begins... play the wind and cover to close the distance... your skill and a little bit of luck will provide you a trophy of a lifetime.

Open Range

The -H- has no interior fencing on our 3600 acres of beautiful Texas Hill Country. The diverse terrain creates dense natural cover and open areas similar to the native habitat of the species which thrive here; add in ample live water on the ranch - animals never need to stray far from their comfort zone creating challenges for those who pursue them.

Low Pressure

We offer a limited number of hunting opportunities every year. This allows our -H- herds to acclimate and grow to sustainable numbers on our property. We are certainly not a "buy and shoot" operation - the game you'll pursue know their range well.


What an amazing experience getting my first Axis deer!

C. Cone

Thank you for such an amazing hunt!

The Matochas

Great hunting experience for my daughter! Our guide was patient & worked everyday to put us on the right animal. An experience my daughter and I will share forever. Thank you.

P. Gideon

Best exotic ranch I have ever experienced! Dining is top notch, 5 star hospitality. Thank you for all the laughs, outdoor experience, and memories. I'll be back!

Cabela's GM Allen Texas

Professionalism is second to none. Thank you for your courtesy, kindness and work ethic. Thanks for making my son's and I first time to hunt a very memorable one!

M. Patronella

Experience of a lifetime - many great memories made!

M. Rygg