There is just something special about a half-body mounted trophy Aoudad ram with sweeping horns and full chaps setting off a trophy room. This native of the mountains of Africa has adapted to North America quite well with an estimated population in excess of 25,000. They can be found in the mountains of Texas and New Mexico as well as on many Texas exotic game ranches.

A large ram will approach 300 pounds with ewes in the 100 – 200 pound range. Aoudad horns can approach 35 to 40 inches with anything in excess of 30 inches considered a trophy. Their keen sense of smell, great hearing and camouflage tan coat makes them a challenging trophy to pursue. They are most active at dawn and dusk to avoid the heat of the day.

Origin Africa
Best Hunting Year Round
Trophy Fees
Ram $3,000
Ewe $250