Second in popularity among Texas Hill Country exotic hunters to the Axis Deer, the Blackbuck Antelope has thrived in the varied grassland and brush covered hills of the area since their introduction in 1932. While increased hunting pressure and habitat loss in their native India and Pakistan has impacted their population, they are thriving in North America, especially in Texas.

One of the fastest antelopes, our mature males can be seen at the Bar H Bar Ranch in open fields patrolling their territory of 3 to 40 acres. Their magnificent black coloring offsets the distinct white markings around the eyes and bellies.

Prized trophies are typically measured by the length or number of curls in their distinctive “V” shaped horns and jet black coloration. The -H- has excellent mature rams with 4 or more curls and lengths approaching 30 inches. They are certainly elusive and a challenging hunt, you’ll need to be quick and accurate at some distance with your rifle to put one of these beauties on your wall.

Chef's thoughts

Tender very lean meat and easy to work with. Not over cooking, marinating or adding some fat may avoid dryness. Makes great Burgers!  Yield is limited on this smaller antelope but the taste can’t be beat!

Origin India
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