The Blesbok Antelope is easily identified by the distinctive “blaze” marking on their forehead and face, it is that marking from which their name originates; Blez means Blaze in Afrikans. While not overly common in Texas and nearly extinct at one point in their native South Africa, the Bar H Bar herds are thriving. We selectively manage our herds, taking only mature bucks at optimal trophy potential.

The open grasslands of the Bar H Bar Ranch are ideal for this fast antelope – much like their native South African habitat. They can run in excess of 40 miles per hour when threatened.

Bucks are generally considered trophies when their horns approach 15 inches. Both bucks and doe Blesbok have horns, the bucks are identifiable by their greater mass.

Chef's thoughts

As with many small to medium size antelope, this meat is low in fat, high in protein, and a very tender cut of meat.  A roast from the leg of Blesbok is a top pick for even the most discriminating palate. 

Origin Africa
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