The South African Lechwe is a wonderful trophy along with a challenging hunt. Lyre-shaped long spiral horns are highlighted by a white eye patch – a truly unique trophy. Lechwe weigh between 180 and 200 pounds with horns ranging from 18 to 37 inches. Your trophy should have horns in excess of 27 inches.

The lechwe is generally more aquatic than plains game, their hind quarters are taller than their shoulders creating a unique appearance in the field. When running they tend to lower their heads and move quickly, faster in a swamp or marshy area.

We typically find them in and around the abundant water at the -H- and may get a little damp during the stalk of your trophy lechwe.

Chef's thoughts

A prized trophy, marinating or cooking as you would some Whitetail is my choice on this lean meat. I must say it makes a fantastic Chili or ground meat for your favorite Tacos. Fun Fact: They swim better than they maneuver on dry land and have a natural water repellant on their legs! Now that’s adapting to their native marshland homes. Who knew!

Origin Africa
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