The ability to pursue a Dama Gazelle today is an amazing opportunity given the rarity of this animal in its native habitat. Over hunting and habitat loss has placed the Dama Gazelle on the critically endangered list in its native African Sahara region. Fortunately, the Bar H Bar has a sustainable herd of Dama Gazelle on the ranch providing the discriminating hunter the opportunity to harvest a truly unique and rare trophy.

The Dama Gazell is white and light brown / tan in color with a white face and large eyes. Both the males and females have horns ranging from 12-15 inches in length. Your trophy will have horns in the 13-15 inch range when harvested at the Bar H Bar Ranch, and weigh between 140 and 165 pounds.

We enjoy the Dama Gazell's browsing on its hind legs giving our native trees a Serengeti-like appearance with the lower limbs trimmed above thier reach.

Perhaps you’ll have the opportunity to startle a herd of Dama Gazelle and experience the sight of them pronking when alerted. Pronking is a behavior where a member of the herd jumps on all four legs simultaneously to alert other herd members of danger in the area - quite a unique sight to see.

Chef's thoughts

As with most Antelope, paying special attention to avoid overcooking is the key. As a very lean, tasty meat, I have found Marinating in your favorite special sauce creates the ultimate opportunity to savor this special bounty.  Suggestion:  Hoisin Sauce, Garlic and Chilies Antelope Satays are some perfect ways to enjoy!  Let your imagination run wild!

Origin Africa
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