The Eland, typically weighing between 1,300 and 2,000 pounds, is the second largest antelope in the world. Your magnificent trophy should be gauged by the mass of the horns rather than length as females typically have longer horns.

While not overly swift afoot, top speed around 25 mph, this large beast has been known to jump fences over 9 feet high!

The Eland herd at the Bar H Bar Ranch offers the trophy hunter seeking not only an amazing addition to their collection but also amazing table fare.  In some parts of Africa, the Eland has been domesticated for the purposes of bringing this tasty and healthy meat to non-hunters. 

Chef's thoughts

Lean Meat with some marbling similar to beef. This succulent meat needs no special preparation.  If you are fortunate enough to harvest one of these majestic animals, prepare your freezers, yield can be up to 800lbs on a mature bull. One of my favorites!

Origin Africa
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