The majestic Fallow Deer is identified by the palmate antlers rising up and back. Mature Fallow bucks regenerate their antlers every spring with their hard antlers on full display September through March. Fallow deer have four distinct colors; Common - chestnut brown with faint white spots, chocolate, Menil – tan with more prominent white spots, Melanistic – chocolate / black / greyish in color, and finally Leucistic – white.

Fallow Deer enjoy the cover provided by the brush and tree covered hills of the Bar H Bar and can be spotted along the edges of the cover feeding in the fields. Spotting a mature buck with all that headgear is very exciting.

Many hunters pursue Fallow trophies based on color and size of their antlers, white is the rarest and more difficult to find. A mature trophy buck will have very distinctive palms, good numbers of tines and good length to their antlers. Our herd is very established and has great examples of the species available.

Interestingly, the Fallow Deer was bred for color to stand out in the Royal Forest of the 1600's as easier targets for European aristocrats.

Chef's thoughts

A staple in our freezer, the Fallow is adaptable to just about any recipe or creative inspiration! As with Whitetail, use this fantastic meat to prepare any of your favorite recipes! It also makes an amazing pan or link sausage.

Origin Europe
Best Hunting September - January
Trophy Fee