The Gemsbok is a large antelope with beautiful straight horns valued by any hunter as a prized piece of their trophy room. Males can reach 660 pounds with horns approaching 40 inches, trophies are typically 34 inches or greater. Both males and females grow mighty horns with the male Gemsbok having greater mass.

Your Bar H Bar Gemsbok hunt will be an experience you’ll not soon forget as your pursuit will involve glassing our herd to find your trophy followed by a healthy stalk as the Gemsbok typically are found on the open grass areas of the ranch.

Chef's thoughts

If you are fortunate to have this beautiful meat available, closer to Rare is my choice. A very lean, juicy meat is hands down the top of the list! Sea Salt, pepper or a little dry rub is all your need with a hot grill!  Enjoy with Rosemary, Garlic potatoes and a very good bottle of your favorite Red Wine!

Origin Africa
Best Hunting Year Round
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