While hunting at the Bar H Bar Ranch you may see beautiful animals like this Himalayan Tahr.

Himalayan Tahr are often a pursuit in far away places, originating in the Himalayan Mountains these creatures thrive in demanding environments. Those who pursue and successfully harvest a trophy Tahr have stories to tell about long range shooting and arduous adventures to make it happen. While the -H- is not at the elevations of their native habitat, these beautiful animals have adapted well to the canyons and dense cover of the ranch - getting your trophy will not be a walk in the park.

Weighing in at 80 to 180 pounds and standing roughly three feet at the shoulder, the Tahr is an excellent candidate for a full body mount trophy to highlight the distinctive mane of a mature Tahr.

While the Tahr may be hunted year round, they tend to shed a bit of hair in the warmer months making the best trophy opportunities during the winter and spring of the year.

Origin Himalayan Mountains
Best Hunting Year Round
Trophy Fee