The long lyre shaped horns of the speedy Impala can’t help but make you feel as if you’re standing on the savannah in Africa. One of Africa’s most common antelope you can enjoy pursuing one at the Bar H Bar Ranch without the jet lag.

The Impala is a smallish antelope, weighing in around 125 pounds, they do have considerable length horns.  A mature male will have horns in the 20-40 inch range, with anything greater than the upper 20 inch range being considered a trophy.

Your pursuit of this beautiful antelope will be primarily on the open plains of the Bar H Bar Ranch and require above average stalking skills to close the distance on your trophy. We’re sure the experience will bring a story to your trophy room you’ll enjoy telling for many years to come.

Chef's thoughts

Comparable to Springbok this meat is usually underrated. A beautiful red color this meat has no visible fat.  This fine textured meat is very soft with even the Haunch parts being very tender.  The fillets are extremely soft as well.  It is delightful served medium rare.

Origin Africa
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