The very long spiraled horns require a good deal of thought when placing in your trophy room - trophy Kudu have horns in excess of 50". As the second largest antelope in the world, their body size combined with magnificent horns make a great problem to have when placing them - many consider this one of the more spectacular full body mounts in their collection.

The "Grey Ghost of Africa" are brown in color and true masters of camoflauge - certainly a difficult trophy to pursue. When spooked they can reach speeds approaching 60 miles per hour and are capable of jumping 5 feet in the air from a stand still. If you happen to spook them you may also hear a load roar as they disappear deep into the thick stuff.

These elusive creatures favor browsing which keeps them in the thick brush of the -H-, keen eyes are definitely an asset as you search for your trophy.


Origin Africa
Best Hunting Year Round
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