The Nilgai, or Blue Bull, originates in Asia and carries a Hindi name – “Nilgai” means “blue bull”.  Sure enough mature Nilgai bulls actually look blue while younger males, females and immature animals are brownish gray, to orange or yellowish brown in color. They have a distinctive white patch under their lips and underbelly and a distinctive tuft of hair under their chins.

For such a large antelope (mature males are in the 300-500 pound range, with some approaching 1000 pounds), Nilgai do not have overly long horns. A typically Nilgai’s horns will be less than 8 inches in length, with anything exceeding 8 inches considered a trophy animal.

The Nilgai’s trophy characteristics come from the difficulty in harvesting a mature animal. They are known for keen eyesight, a fantastic sense of smell and great hearing – comparable to a whitetail deer in these respects. Getting close enough to harvest one is a significant challenge as they seem to have a “threat avoidance” sense which appears to make them move to safer cover for no reason at all.

Chef's thoughts

Similar to Eland Antelope, Nilgai is a lean meat similar to beef. Calorically, however, the Nilgai is comparable to Chicken breast, a healthy lean cut.  More Omega-3 in this meat than a piece of Salmon due to its diet being completely grass and brush.

Origin India
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