Red Stag are a significant trophy for any well-appointed collection.  Their antlers are a massive collection of points which culminate in the classic “crown” appearing at the tips – it is certainly an unmistakable configuration. These large (500-1000 pound) deer are related to the North American Elk as well as the Sika deer and are hunted around the world. Pursuing them at the -H- is sure to be a heart pounding, exhilarating experience.

Trophies measurements include the mass, length, and number of points on the antlers – each adding to the overall score. Regardless of the score, it seems all mature Red Stag antlers are impressive.

Chef's thoughts

The wonderful combination of a rich taste, high in protein and low in fat makes Red Stag some of the best tasting venison around. This lean meat is historically a delicacy for European nobility. Weighing in at about 400-600 lbs. you’ll have plenty of venison for months of entertaining! Don’t miss out on experiencing this beautiful, versatile meat.

Origin Europe
Best Hunting September - January
Trophy Fee