The Roan Antelope is a rare and prestigious trophy, a unique and interesting addition to any trophy room.  The Roan is a rather large member of the 'horse antelope clan' surpassed in size only by the Eland and the Greater Kudu, however far more graceful. The Roan Antelope has a tawny coat with a black and white mask giving them their special character. It is this “roan” color for which they are named.

A mature Roan bull will stand roughly 56 inches at the shoulder and weigh between 550 and 700 pounds. Both the bulls and cows have horns. Bulls with 25” horns are considered average; in excess of 27.5” a great trophy.

Our abundant water and semi-covered grass expanses are similar to the sub-Saharan savannas on which the Roan live in their native Africa. They have adapted well and thrive at the –H-.

The Roan is a formidable trophy, difficult to pursue and bring down. Your best bet for hunting them is a good .338 magnum or the trusty .375 H&H. The high heart/lung shot will do nicely for the side-on presentation; straight up the front leg one-third into the body and squeeze.

Origin Africa
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