The majestic Sable Antelope is not only a very large bodied animal they also have very long sickle shaped horns. The stunning black with white accents of a mature male make an amazing trophy, we think the shoulder mount on a pedestal is an incredible way to display this center piece of many hunters’ collections.

Trophy Sable weigh in the upper 400 to low 500 pound range with horns in the upper 30 to low 40 inch range.  On occasion Sable may grow horns in the 50 inch range and longer.

You’ll want to make sure you bring enough rifle and place your shot well, a wounded Sable is extremely dangerous…often charging a hunter!

Chef's thoughts

Not only an amazing Trophy, this big guy is comparable to Elk or Red Stag. As with any lean meat, try not to overcook to enjoy the truly fantastic taste of the Sable.

Origin Africa
Best Hunting Year Round
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