Weighing in at 300-600 pounds, the Waterbuck is among the largest antelope in the world, the largest of the six species of Kobus. Waterbuck are prized for their beautiful ringed horns and coat, certainly a conversation piece in any trophy room. Both the male and female waterbuck have horns; the male's set far apart, the female's are more typically crecent shaped. Expect your trophy to have horns exceeding 30 inches.

The waterbuck enjoys the habitat and plentiful water sources at the -H-. Their frequent watering needs brings them to the stock tanks, lakes, and creeks on the -H- several times a day and night.  These grass specialists enjoy the open grazing areas adjoined by the thick brush on the ranch. When disturbed, they head for the thick stuff making your pursuit challenging.

Expect a challenging hunt for this magnificient addition to your trophy room.

Origin Africa
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