The beautiful North American Whitetail is a must have for any complete trophy room. Our Bar H Bar whitetails have been developed from the original stock from the beginning of the ranch. We have not imported or added to the herd and are very proud of the fine Texas whitetails we have developed. Through the years we have selectively culled leaving only the best genetics to continue to grow the herd.

We allow very few trophy hunts each year, this allows us to preserve the pure strain of only the most beautiful Texas original whitetail deer – no northern imports here. The trophy bucks you’ll be hunting are at least 4.5 years old and represent a variety of score classes to fit your budget.

All-Inclusive Packages for Whitetail

Whitetail hunting at the Bar H Bar Ranch is done as an all-inclusive package which covers the following items:

  • 3 days / 2 nights (afternoon of first day, full second day, and morning of third day)
  • Food and lodging
  • Guide Fee
  • Stocked Bar
  • Field Dressing of your harvest
  • Additional days may be added to your hunt for $250 per day
  • Non-hunting guests may join you for $175 per day

We offer the following packages:

Cull Buck – select from a variety of ranch / guide’s choice cull animals and assist in our herd management objectives for the year.

Management Buck – select from some of our older deer which haven’t produced the quality antlers for us to consider them in our trophy class animals. These bucks are 4.5 years or older and generally 9 points or less animals.

Trophy Buck – choose from our trophy animals for the year. These bucks will be 4.5 years or older and present trophy class antlers in various size ranges.  All trophy hunters may include a whitetail doe at no additional cost. The price for our trophy whitetail hunts are based on the score class of the harvested animal.

Origin North America
Best Hunting October - January
Trophy Fees
3 day / 2 night all inclusive packages:
Cull Buck $2,000
Management Buck $3,000
140 Class $5,000
150 Class $6,000
160 Class $7,000
170 Class $8,000
180 Class $9,000
190 Class $10,000