The Grants Zebra provides the trophy every well-appointed room requires – a magnificent rug.  No two are alike, uniquely yours to provide years of storytelling opportunities. Pursuing your trophy Zebra at the Bar H Bar Ranch will take you through the open expanse of the ranch much like chasing the herds across the plains of their native Africa.

While these large animals will approach 775 pounds they are fast and choose to flee when facing danger. We pursue mature trophy stallions selecting your animal from one of our herds based on their unique stripe pattern, robust mane, and overall physical size.


Chef's thoughts

This is not a horse! Really, while they kinda look like one; hooves, mane, etc. they are quite different from a culinary perspective. Possessing a sweeter than beef taste, lean and subtle game flavor, it can be prepared in as many ways are your imagination can take you. I like to use a nice marinade or a simple dry rub much like you’d prepare a fine steak. For the hinds, shoulders, etc. we like to grind with brisket to make the “perfect” ground meat.


Origin Africa
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