Hi y’all and welcome to the Bar H Bar Blog – yes we share office space with the Bar H Bar Bar.

We’ve been doing a lot of sharing on our Facebook page, this gives us an opportunity to bring you a bit more in depth information on some topics we hope you’ll find interesting.

 I’m Lisa Cannon, the Executive Chef at the –H-. My passion for food and all things social allows me to share the stories of your visits, some recipes from my kitchen, and general thoughts on what’s going on at the ranch. I’ve been hoping for a way to bring these ideas to you and look forward to your thoughts and feedback in the time ahead.

 Jeff Buress and Tommy Cannon, our guides, may share with you their insights into hunting and pursuing animals to an interesting story or two just because they love to tell stories.

 It has been an interesting journey, these past 20 years of the Bar H Bar Ranch. From its early roots as the Hinckley Family Ranch primarily for the enjoyment of the Hinckley Family, their friends and all the fun you can imagine, to today, a 5 star African wild game hunting ranch! Through the hard work and dedication of the Hinckley family the –H- has maintained the importance of family and friends while developing a foundation for the conservation of animals on a worldwide basis. They are very proud of the herds of Oryx, Addax, and Dama Gazelle – all endangered in their native habitat, yet thriving here at the ranch.

 As we’ve been working on this new website, we have often shared how our “clients” are more “family”. Over the years we are proud to have many of you return year after year, we’ve watched kids grow into adults and feel a part of your family as you are part of ours. The stories over the years are incredible memories for all of us, we look forward to creating more with each of you… adding a few more members to the family and great memories along the way.

 Tune in for my next installment… Stag/Venison Asian Steak Bites… a little recipe which you can include as appetizers or an entrée.

 Until then… Happy Trails

About the author

Beginning as a small child, Lisa's interest in making wonderful things to eat is a passion she inherited from her Mother and Grandmother. Through the years Lisa has owned the Historic Hostess House Restaurant in Lampasas, competed on a Championship BBQ Team, now the Private Chef at the Bar H Bar - Hinckley Ranch.

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